Beautiful World – 4 Ply


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Delivery beginning of September 2019

Composition: 75% Wool (Superwash), 25% Polyamide
Put-up: 8 x 100g
Yards: 464
Retail Price: $18.40

Packing unit: 8 colors à 1,0 kg; 8 kg assortment or single colors
Sales support: 1 Poster DIN A2

We all carry it inside us, the bond with nature, to our earth; maybe we even have a favorite spot somewhere. Start your journey with Opal Beautiful World, visit your haven, enjoy the island music or listen to the lavender whispering.
Feel the world with all your sense, the wind poem on your skin, the jingle of water fountains in yours ears, the natural painting beguiles your eyes.
With Opal Beautiful World, we bring you home the most beautiful places. After being entangles, you can take them again with you on your next journey,


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