Schafpate XI – die weisheit der Schafe – 4 Ply


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Delivery end of September 2019

Composition: 75% Wool (Superwash), 25% Polyamide
Put-up: 8 x 100g
Yards: 464
Retail Price: $19.49

Packing unit: 8 colors à 1,0 kg; 8 kg assortment or single colors
Sales support:  1 Poster DIN A2

There are about 1000 sheep that form our flock of sheep. At first sight, they all look the same but each sheep has its unique character. With this collection, we let our sheep talk out of the box. They tell us, “The wisdom of the sheep.”
– A sheep’s kess to the shepherd dog, keeps everything well, round as a log.
– Fresh grass or hay, the sheep will always be faithful, he will indeed obey.
– Yet he picks on you and when he does, behind the bush is where he rush.
These and five other, not quite serious wisdom’s are printed on the sleeves of the collection and are suitable to the name theme of the colour.
With the purchase of the collection Opal Schafpate XI – The wisdom of the sheep, you support the German migratory sheep farming and promote the landscape care of the unique Swabain Alb


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